Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Download 2010

6 days of fun, metal and banter :D!
"I feel like a wet lettuce"

Monday, 7 June 2010

The start of the Q.t's

Back in the good old school days, I used to sit beside a girl called Susanne. We were in a class "fool of clowns" ;).

We had a Q.T of a teacher who was too kind to do anything about them and sadly she got a little bit walked over at times. Susanne was about the 2nd name on the register but the class always noised up before her name was read out.

She was quite a quiet person but one day she lost the rag and finally the class was silent enough to hear all the 30 something names.

Inspired 2006.

"There are no cats in America..

I was a little bit late on my Spring cleaning but managed to get rid of a lot of old "junk" last night. I came upon a stash of my old drawings and I mean old.

After studying Illustration for a year, I have become more open to the idea that "anything goes"..well....things that might not have been expected go! I wonder what they would think of this "beautiful story" created by a much younger me. It made me smile and question what actually runs through kids heads LOL!

(Potentially a 6-7 year old Kim)

...and the streets are lined with cheese"