Tuesday, 14 December 2010

S'no that cold!...

When in Lapland..Finns just do! So even when it reaches -31oC!! It's on with the work! :D

Myself and my beautiful assistant (or maybe it was the other way around..:P! Team work either way)!

We worked from 9 in the morning til around 5.30 (with the essential coffee breaks of course).
With a team made up of several groups we worked on four bedroom suites of a snow hotel and its bar and restaurant!

The back wall, heavy lifting required :! We decided on our own themes and ours was "birds..the sky"..yeah they are not arrows..:P

The idea would be that the clients would be sleeping on cloud 9! (or cloud 7 in Germany :S!!)!

The team :)!

I absolutley loved my time at the snow hotel and getting a chance to carve into some "snow" and ice was definetly worth braving the cold! Although my face suffered slightly with what I was told was "frost nip" I would go back in a heart beat :D! Who knows what the future holds..!

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