Thursday, 14 April 2011


As part of an Easter project for uni, we were given two words at random and told to create a poster with them.

My words were "wasteland" and "lamp".

After recently participating in a Kimono show to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross I was inspired to create an image to create some kind of hope.

"catching the light"

"On 11th of March, the biggest earthquake on record to hit Japan caused widespread destruction across the country. A 10 metre (33ft) high tsunami, triggered by the tremor, swept inland in many places swamping everything in its path." - BBC

Ganbatte- A Japanese word meaning "good luck" and try your best. To persevere and know people are behind you and supporting you.

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  1. Kim, this poster is so beautiful! I especially love how you combined the writing and the birds and the texture on the bottom! Awesome job.