Thursday, 21 July 2011

Source d'inspiration

Today I did something that I don't tend to do and took my time in reading through a various number of blogs. If I have realised one major thing it is that...
I don't really write half as much as I should (or could).
I think it is something that I would like to work on in the coming year...

With that asside and with 4th year looming, I felt that it was and is the time to seek some inspiration! Whilst during my summer work placement in France, my friend and myself headed out on a day trip to a town called Annecy.

Talking about doing things out of the blue we decided to put our faith into man kind and opted to hitch hike the one and a half hour car ride to our destination.

With the rain lightly spitting we decided that due to only getting one day off a week we should make the most of it! After waiting no more than 10 minutes we had gotten ourselves our first hitch! Three drivers and three vehicles later we arrived in the centre of town and wow was it beautiful!

Some Snaps...

With the sun finally showing face we managed to walk around the lake (which water is known for being the purest in Europe), grab an ice-cream from a little stall in the crowded streets and take a little time to relax and just generally people watch.

My highlight :)

Although the whole place was stunning, the thing that I was most impressed by were the doors. I loved the numbers, the colours and the personality they gave off. Inspiring a topic of interest for 4th year being based around the idea of where people live and stay, the bonds that tie them there and generally the way and survival of the local people.

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