Tuesday, 4 October 2011

If you can't make it good..

...make it big!

Looking back..

So after taking part in Erasmus in Lapland, I decided that I would use some of the skills that I learnt whilst over there in my final years work!

During the winter months in Rovaniemi the whole city takes part in welcoming in the winter. The above photos show some of the fire sculptures my class mates and my self made! Our theme was fishing as the event took place on the bay of Kemijärvi.

Although the fire sculpture workshop was impressive to say the least, I plan to concentrate on building only main structures created from wooden beams. By covering the frame works I hope to create a series of lanterns. (I guess they could be turned into a big campfire for the Scouts when I am done!)

Below is the process and final outcomes from last year.

Wooden Frame works waiting to be covered with two layers of materials

First layer of material being tightly placed over the sturdy structure

Final pieces placed together with light created by a candle

Shadows created by various types of papers carefully placed inside

Our idea was to create a net filled with fish that can be found in the river during the Summer months. By creating our sculpture the fish could still be seen even though the river was completely frozen over!

So now for the next project! Let the building commence!

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