Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chirp Chirp

I love coming home to find that my mother has been busy. Every year without fail these little guys appear from the cupboard to grace our living room.

They may look ordinary but believe it or not they are far from that! They are special.

These little chickens do not just lay the type of Easter eggs that rot your teeth. No! Instead they are the clever little fellows that leave behind their beautiful gifts that will never go mouldy.

However with their static charm they remain but onlookers.

In their flocks they gather and leave as quickly as they arrived, until next Easter when once again they shall lay their colourful presence.

If you listen carefully, one day you may be lucky enough to hear them chirping their delicate call.


  1. Dear Kimu,
    Us wee chicks, who first saw the light of day at Easter 1982 in Dalaro, Sweden, thank you wholeheartedly for your kind words.

    We are extremely proud of ourselves having crossed a pond or two in our everlasting mission to spread some Easter cheer; from Sweden to Finland and all the way to Scotland, too.

    Say what you may, but despite our feathers having been ruffled in a suitcase or two..
    we still think we look as fresh as spring chickens.

    Chirpy byes from all of us until next Easter..

    Agneta, Benny, Bjoern & Annifried